OUR Party Wing Leader hails Party’s Solidarity

OUR Party Wing Leader hails Party’s Solidarity


OUR Party parliamentary wing leader and care- taker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare acknowledged and spoke highly of the resilience of the party to not wilt under the pressure of the November riot of 2021.

The care- taker Prime Minister made the public acknowledgement at the launching of OUR Party’s manifesto at the Maranatha Hall in East Honiara.

OUR is the abbreviation for Ownership, Unity and Responsibility (OUR), the political party was founded in 2010 and re-established and rose to prominence in 2019.

 The parliamentary wing leader of the party, care- taker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare recalled that the courage and determination of OUR party to remain intact despite the opposing forces in the November riot of 2021, is what makes OUR Party stand out from other parties.

Mr Sogavare further added that instead of succumbing to pressure at that time, the party grew stronger to become the largest political party in the last parliament with the commanding support of 34 parliamentary members.

Care- taker PM and OUR party parliamentary wing leader Manasseh Sogavare posed with out- going MPAs of Malaita Provincial Assembly who were party of the launching as well

The care- taker PM further added that this demonstrated strength of character is a pride to the party. Further adding that despite the challenges of COVID 19 and the November riot of 2021, OUR Party through the coalition government – Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA)- continued to deliver several transformative developments.

“The successful hosting of the Pacific Games, construction of state-of-the-art sports facilities and accommodation, and improving road infrastructure and airports, are some of the main achievements,” the OUR party parliamentary winger leader stated.

The care- taker Prime Minister stressed that the most important decision made during the reign of the OUR Party led coalition government was the recognition of China as a diplomatic partner in 2019. 

Care- taker PM Manasseh Sogavare added that shrewd diplomacy and maneuverings set the stage for the delivery of the aforementioned projects and also placed the country in a more favorable footing domestically and internationally.

 “As the Wing-leader of OUR Party, I couldn’t be more proud of the courage we demonstrated, the many challenges we faced and successfully overcame, and importantly what we achieved for our country”, the care- taker PM said.

The care- taker PM and also OUR party parliamentary wing leader then alluded to the launching of the party’s manifesto as turning from the past and looking into the future.

Sogavare briefly outlined the manifesto saying it provides the vision, beliefs, guiding principles and core policy priorities- “…as we seek the mandate of the people of Solomon Islands in the upcoming April 2024 National General Election…” with the hope to form the next executive government. 


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