‘WE CARE’: SIDP and DAP signs coalition agreement ahead of elections

‘WE CARE’: SIDP and DAP signs coalition agreement ahead of elections


SOLOMON Islands Democratic Party (SIDP) and the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) signed a coalition agreement to contest the National General Elections in April this year.

The coalition partnership was signed by the SIDP wing leader Matthew Wale and DAP wing leader Rick Houenipwela.

Wale is the former Opposition Leader and former MP for Aoke/Langalanga.

Houenipwela is the former MP for Small Malaita.

The two former MPs will lead their coalition under the name Coalition for Accountability Reform and Empowerment (CARE) with the slogan ‘WE CARE’.

On Monday this week, the CARE coalition held a candidates workshop brief for their intended candidates at the Pacific Crown Hotel in Honiara.

Speaking at the workshop, SIDP wing leader Mr Wale said the coalition is looking to present the electorates with strong and quality candidates.

“It is important that the country can trust our leadership to be responsible, balanced and competent to lead a government that will chart the direction the country must take over the next few years,” Wale said.

Wale said the coalition would ensure that they run a clean campaign, as the prerequisite to making the changes necessary to confront the evils that have oppressed our country and its economy for so long. 

“We pledge ourselves as leaders who do not bow down to the temptation and pressure of money to abandon our commitment to liberating the Solomon Islands economy and people from foreign domination,” he said.

Wale said there is clear indication right across the country that the cry for change is loud and clear. 

“Together as the Coalition for Accountability, Reform, & Empowerment (CARE), we have competent, strong & responsible leadership. We see clearly the problems and challenges facing our country,” he said.

Wale said the prescription is for meaningful substantive change. 

“Change of government, change in leadership, and change in direction.  We have policy proposals that, though ambitious, are going to help us realise those opportunities. Now it is up to us, candidates to persuade the voters to trust us and give our coalition the mandate to form and run the next government. Why? Because we CARE,” he said.

The coalition is expected to finalise their final policy document before their first launching in Honiara next week.

Details of the venue of the launching will be announced in the coming days.


SIDP/DAP statement


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