IDPwD. Photo credit: inclusion-international.org

IDPwD. Photo credit: inclusion-international.org

The ‘People with Disability Solomon Islands’, PWDSI will commemorate World Disability Day tomorrow in Honiara.

World Disability Day is commemorated annually on the 3rd of December.

Speaking to SIBC News, Office Manager of PWDSI, Savina Nongebatu says members of PWDSI will hold activities at the Telekom Recreation Field.

“Tomorrow on the 3rd People With Disability Solomon Islands the Disable People’s Organisation is holding activities at the Our Telekom recreation centre at Ranadi, where we will be conducting a few activities with our members.”

She adds tomorrow’s highlight will be the launching of the CRPD DVD- depicting the rights of persons with disability.

“The highlight of this year is the launching of a CRPD DVD where our youths have created with Sukwadi Media, so this is a DVD depicting the rights of persons with disabilities in this case the youth, our youth are an important part of our population hence for this year that is our highlight.”

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