Rimbink Pato. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Rimbink Pato. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Pacific Islands News Association and Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Regional Media Workshop started in Port Moresby yesterday.

More than 20 journalists from around the region including Papua New Guinea are part of the workshop.

Gina Maka’a of SIBC reports from Port Moresby, PNG’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Hon. Rimbink Pato has been the guest of honour at the opening ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, Pato said the success of regionalism depends on the strength of our connections at all levels from the government, community, cultural and sports.

“Regionalism or working together as a region provides an efficient and effective means to address these challenges, but in order for regionalism to work properly, the leaders will hold frank discussions about pooling sovereignty, sharing resources and agreeing upon regional practices, norms, and standards.”

He adds, under the new Framework for Pacific Regionalism, Pacific Islands Leaders will take a collective position on key issues that will help propel this region forward in the long run.

Meanwhile, the PNG Foreign Affairs Minister stressed, regionalism is our strength to address challenges beyond the capability of the individual island state.

“The Pacific Island leaders will take collective positions on key issues that will help propel the region forward over the long-term future. We recognise that as a region we face many similar developmental and social and economic, let alone environment challenges.”

The event concludes today.

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