Clouds over Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

Clouds over Honiara. Photo credit: SIBC.

The RSIPF is reminding the general public, particularly people living in the Provinces to reconsider any sea travel during current bad weather.

Travel across the ocean even on a short trip can be risky.

Police say, this is an appeal to all boat users and people who use sea transport as their means of movement.

Last Wednesday police received two separate reports of missing boats in Western Province.

One of the boats went missing with nine passengers, including six adults and three children.

The boat left Mase in North New Georgia in the early afternoon of Tuesday and was expected to arrive at Kokove Kolombagara by evening.

Although it finally reached its destination, people’s lives were at great risk.

In a separate incident, police are yet to locate another missing white ray boat which is powered by a 75HP OBM Yamaha and carrying on board thirteen (13) passengers, including three females and ten males.

The boat left Vella La Vella for Choiseul on Wednesday, 17th August around midday and was reported to have sunk between the islands due to the high swells.

Following a police search and rescue operation on Wednesday afternoon, three of the missing passengers were located between Tuzu and Kakasa area by search party of local OBM and police.

Later on the same day, a boat heading to the Choiseul Province picked up six more of the missing passengers outside Tuzu area.

Four passengers are still missing.

Police are calling on Western Province coastal settlers to look out for the missing people and contact police of any sightings.

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