PM Manele met Japan’s Ambassador to Pacific Islands Leaders’ meeting

PM Manele met Japan’s Ambassador to Pacific Islands Leaders’ meeting


Prime Minister Hon Jeremiah Manele has received a courtesy call from Japan’s ambassador to Pacific Islands Leaders’ Meeting, His Excellency (HE) Toshihisa Takata this morning.

Amongst issues of mutual interests, HE Toshihisa Takata hand delivered and conveyed Japan’s Prime Minister’s congratulatory message to PM Manele for the latter’s assumption to the highest position of the land.

HE Toshihisa Takata also expressed a congratulatory message for the government’s successful hosting of the 17th edition of the Pacific Games in November of last year.

The Japanese ambassador further commended the government for ensuring the safety of Japanese fishing boats that are fishing within the country’s waters.

HE Toshihisa Takata assured PM Manele of the safety of the discharged radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, expressing that Japan will provide up to date information on the discharging exercise and especially on the safety of the waste water. 

HE Toshihisa Takata conveyed in advance, Japan’s wish for Prime Minister Manele to attend the Pacific Islands Leaders’ meeting and that a bilateral meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister will occur at the margin of the meeting.

Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele acknowledged Japan’s long standing bilateral relationship with Solomon Islands, and further expressed Solomon Islands’ gratitude for Japan’s assistance in the infrastructure development sector.

PM Manele underscored that infrastructure development remains the number one priority of the Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT), while health and education are also high on the government’s agenda.

The Prime Minister further expressed that Solomon Islands look forward to enhancing cooperation on infrastructure development with Japan.

PM Manele also added that other areas to explore include agriculture which is the mainstay of the country’s socio economic development.

PM Manele acknowledged Japan’s on- going close working relationship with the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), adding that the country needs a research center to enhance and consolidate the country’s development aspirations. 

The Prime Minister assured the visiting Japanese dignitary that the PALM 10 gives an opportunity for Pacific Islands Forum Members moreso, Solomon Islands to engage meaningfully with Japan. 

PM Manele also assured HE Toshihisa Takata that the government will make a formal response to the congratulatory note by the Japanese Prime Minister. 


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat/OPMC


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