PM opens Solomon Islands mission in London

Minister Field congratulating the Prime Minister during the ceremony. Photo: OPMC Secretariat

Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela has inaugurated the Solomon Islands High Commission office in London.

The Prime Minister said it marks a new era in Solomon Islands’ long relationship with the United Kingdom.

“History tells us that Solomon Islands gained her independence from Great Britain 40 years ago this year,” he said. “Yet today, in the era of globalization, we cannot deny the value of interdependency.”

Prime Minister Houenipwela said the opening of Solomon Islands’ diplomatic mission in London is a manifestation of the country’s strengthened partnership with the United Kingdom.

“This new paradigm, with a focus on partnership in the development cooperation sphere, is the way forward,” he said.

The mission in London will allow Solomon Islands to engage directly with the United Kingdom and work more effectively with its international partners in advancing shared agendas, Prime Minister Houenipwela said.

UK Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Mark Field attended the opening ceremony along with members of the diplomatic corps, Solomon Islands Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade Milner Tozaka and High Commissioner-designate Eliam Tangirongo.

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