PM reshuffles Ministers in latest DCCG shake up

Parliament debated the RAMSI motion today

The Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government has today announced a major reshuffle of its Ministers.

The Prime Minister confirms, the reshuffle was to enhance the administration of Ministries that have been under-performing and improve efficiency to support the implementation and delivery of key policy objectives of the government in the remaining period of its tenure in office.

The reshuffle was necessary after the Prime Minister held internal consultations with Caucus and the Parliamentary Wings.

Changes in the Ministerial portfolios will be effective as of today after the new Ministers have taken their Oaths.

Meanwhile the statement adds, Hon. Jimmy Lusibaea and Hon. David Dei Pacha, have been relieved from their Ministerial duties and backbenchers while Hon. Bradley Tovosia and Hon. Andrew Manepora’a, had been called up for Ministerial duties.

The Prime Minister is confident that the new Ministers will provide their Ministries with the leadership necessary to provide services and support the ongoing delivery of government policies.

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