Homes torched in sorcery revenge attack


Auki Police captured the accused

Police in Auki are investigating an incident at Rarafu village in Central Kwara’ae, believed to be linked to sorcery, which resulted in the burning of two residential houses and the looting of another property.

The burning incident took place on Tuesday after 20 men from East Kwara’ae appeared at the village demanding compensation for the life of a woman who passed away last month, who they believed was killed by an evil spirit.

The deceased woman, from East Kwara’ae, was a teacher posted at a school near Maoro Village.

According to police, the 20 men burnt down two residential houses and a kitchen built with sago palm leaves after the demand for compensation was refused.

It is further alleged that the group of mean looted live chickens and destroyed fruit trees at the settlement.

Auki Police arrested the 20 men as they were travelling back on a vehicle to the provincial capital.

The men have been apprehended and are now assisting the police with their investigations.

Provincial Police Commander Malaita Province David Wate has called on members of the communities in and around Maoro Village to remain calm as the incident was now a police case.


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