PM Sogavare reminds SIPEU on the importance of dialogue and partnership


Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare reminds the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union of the importance of dialogue and exploring the potential for partnership between the union and the national government.  

Officially opening a two days SIPEU Retreat yesterday, Prime Minister Sogavare emphasized the need for more robust discussions, identifying ways to improve and enhance the functions of the union.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of dialogue with our partners, in particular our social partners such as SIPEU. Dialogue is indeed an essential part of our democracy.”

Prime Minister Sogavare further explained, good policies, which can stand the test of time, can only be built through meaningful dialogue where all parts of our society must have a say. 

He encouraged SIPEU, other trade unions and the government to work collaboratively. 

“The two days’ discussion is crucial in coming up with solutions and mapping a way forward for the union and its members.” 

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare delivering the official note address

This year’s retreat theme; “Empowerment of Workers Rights & Equal Opportunities for a Better Future” is achievable if all stakeholders continue to engage in dialogue and work collaboratively together. 

Key Government developments and progress in line with the theme; 

  • The government (Ministry of Public Service) allocates around 70 in-service annual training scholarships to public servants. 
  • SIG values and recognizes public servants’ interest and right to, in the course of serving, choose the next organisation they would like to work with as such a decision is seen as for the greater good of both the employee and the country at large.
  • Government orders and policies continue to uphold open merit opportunities on recruitment, selection and appointment of public servants.
  • Equality representation in the public service workforce based on merit. 
  • The provision and payment of full salary during maternity leave of female public officers.

“I am proud to say our government has made action on equality at work and protection from harassment a national priority, from day one. My government recognises the full and equal participation of women in the economy as our nation’s greatest untapped resource.”

PM Sogavare encourages public servants to serve with dignity and integrity adding, the government will continue to promote social justice through protection, education of consumers and traders with respect to their consumer rights and obligations. 

He highlighted the legislations with provisions that advocate and emphasize rights of workers; Labour Act, Unfair Dismissal Act, Trade Unions Act, Trade Disputes Act, Workmen’s Compensation Act, Safety at Work Act, Employment Act.

The Prime Minister underlined, some of these legislations are long overdue for review. 

SIPEU meanwhile assured the Prime Minister that….. “as an agent of the National Government, SIPEU will continue to support DCGA in its policies and programs.” 


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat

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