PMO and health authorities to meet again about drugs shortage


The National Referral Hospital

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet will reconvene an urgent meeting today to review the status of the national drug supply.

This will determine whether additional measures are required to ensure essential drugs are made available as soon as possible under other possible arrangements.

Yesterday, key stakeholders within the Ministry held an initial urgent meeting.

The meeting sought to ensure that all the stakeholders came together to discuss and have the same understanding on the current shortage of drugs and supplies in the country, and agree on the best solution going forward.

Two provinces have adequate supplies, Malaita for up to two months and Temotu for up to three months, while many other provinces have stocks in some items, and low or zero stock on other items.

The stakeholders were also informed replacement stocks, some of which have started arriving in the country from last week, are being shifted to the NRH, and all drugs and supply orders have started arriving with the last lot expected to arrive in October 2018.

Meanwhile, former City Councilor Henry Star Dora said the current state of medical services offered at the National Referral Hospital’s Surgical Ward is ‘inadequate’.

Mr Star Dora is undergoing medical treatment at the Surgical Ward.

He told SIBC’s Distaem Nao program this morning, the drug shortage that has become a national issue is real, and patients there are feeling the brunt of it.

He urged responsible authorities to immediately step in and do something.

By: Zeri Leni

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