Police and Fisheries to crackdown on illegal beche-de-mer harvesters

A sea cucumber. The fishing period is from September 1 until November 30.

Police will continue to work with the Ministry of Fisheries in tackling illegal beche-de-mer harvesting in the country during the legal period of fishing for the delicacy.

The plan was confirmed by acting police commissioner Juanita Matanga in response to recent cases of illegal beche-de-mer farming and arrests.

Commissioner Matanga said in terms of such fisheries matters, Police would only rely on directives from Fisheries to proceed on taking further actions.

She says police will only provide assets and investigation skills to assist the ministry in addressing those matters.

“To deploy a patrol boat is a very expensive exercise,” she said. “ And fisheries must come along. And fisheries work with the DPP to make sure the legal aspects are covered.

“Fisheries tales a leading role in this, with our support.”

Last week Police charged a local in Ontong Java, and an American Businessman, for running five illegal beche-de-mer farms in the islands.

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