Police arrest suspects over $US5000 stolen from car in Honiara

$5000 US dollars was stolen from the car in Honiara

Police have arrested two suspects in connection with an alleged break in and theft from a vehicle parked at a shop in the Kukum area Monday night.

Police media reported the manager of the shop parked his car behind the shop with $5000 US dollars, $10,000 Solomon dollars and two pairs of shoes inside.

After closing his shop in the evening, the manager went to his vehicle and discovered it had been broken into and the money and shoes had been stolen.

Central and Naha Police in Honiara later arrested two male suspects and recovered some of the cash and the shoes.

Police said both suspects were now cooperating with thier investigations.

Detective Sergeant Betty Tagini of Naha Police reminded members the public not to leave substantial amounts of cash and other valuables in unattended vehicles.

She also appealed to the public in Honiara to report anyone attempting to exchange US dollars to Solomon dollars in the shops.

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