Police Response Department conducts training in preparation for joint elections

Police Response Department conducts training in preparation for joint elections


The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Response Department (PRD) is rolling out Public Order Management and operational Safety training in the provinces and Honiara in preparation for the 2024 joint elections in April.

The training has started and will conclude in March.

Supervising Director for PRD Inspector David Quiro said the training is part of the PRD’s focus in preparing for the elections and ongoing capacity development.

“Training in provincial centres strategically aligns with the national safety preparedness in ensuring a consistent and comprehensive approach across the RSIPF.”

“Conducting training in provincial centres optimises operational efficiency by reaching all RSIPF police officers and response units which streamlining coordinate for an effective emergency response.”

 “The training directly aligns with the Commissioner’s Order on the use of force policy which reinforces legal use-of-force protocols. It serves as a proactive measure to mitigate potential risks during the elections and daily duties of a Police officer,” the PRD Director said.

Meanwhile the training which is in line with RSIPF-sanctioned governance safeguards the organisation’s reputation and fosters public trust. 

It also reinforces a commitment to responsible and accountable policing practices,” he added.

Inspector Quiro acknowledged the RSIPF and Australian Federal Policing Partnership Program (RAPPP) for their continuous support rendered in making this training possible for the provincial centres and in Honiara.

 RAPPP advisors with PRD Instructors are now in Malaita and Western Provinces to conduct training.

Similar training will also be conducted in other provincial centres within the training time frame.


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