CARE threatens to abolish constitutionally established PEC if in government

CARE threatens to abolish constitutionally established PEC if in government

By Fredrick Kusu

The Coalition Accountability Reform and Empowerment (CARE) plans to abolish the Parliamentary Entitlement Commission (PEC) if the coalition forms the next government.

This could be seen as a direct response to the PEC’s decision to increase the salaries of all Members of Parliament.

Local media Indepth Solomons reported earlier this week that members are entitled for a pay rise come April this year.

This jaw-dropping decision has led to public criticisms.

In a direct response through a media statement CARE leader Mathew Wale threatens to abolish the PEC if CARE forms the next government.

PEC is a commission established under the Constitution to determine and review the entitlements of parliamentarians.

A decision to determine and review the entitlements of parliamentarians should take into considerations the state of the economy and financial positions of the government, the level of pay and entitlements admissible to other persons in employment.

Other considerations include changes to retail price index and other indicators showing the cost of maintaining the standard of living that parliamentarians may expect.

However, Mr Wale said the PEC’s decision is untimely citing the healthcare system crisis, deteriorating road condition and children’s education being compromised as the basis of justifying his intention.

“This is a slap in the face to every Solomon Islander struggling to make ends meet in this struggling economy,” Mr Wale said.

He said that his coalition policy aims to replace the PEC with a higher salary commission to ensure all remuneration matters are considered holistically, and not in isolation as is the current situation.

“Our policy is to get rid of this commission altogether and replace it with a new high salaries commission. This independent body would oversee the salaries of all public servants, ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability,” Wale said. 

CARE is a partnership coalition between the Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP) led by the former leader of opposition Matthew Wale and Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) led by Rick Houenipwela, former member of parliament for small Malaita.

The coalition, like the other 13 political parties registered so far, is looking forward to filling in its candidates to contest the joint elections in April.



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