Home of the 2016 Kodili Festival in Isabel province. Photo credit: SIBC.

                                  Home of the 2016 Kodili Festival in Isabel province. Photo credit: SIBC

The Premier of Isabel Province, Hon. James Habu says he is impressed with the week-long Kodili Trade and Cultural Festival in Buala.

Premier Habu told SIBC News from Buala, his government and the Festival Organising Committee are overwhelmed with the turnout.

“There’s only one day to go and so far we are very happy with the attitude and with the behaviour of the people who attended the festival and when we approved and plan the festival, we didn’t expect this turnout but what we witnessed this week is very positive as we’ve learned a lot this week and we are very impressed with our people who are attending.”

Meanwhile, he confirms, lessons learnt were countless.

“As a province, we have also learned from organising such an event and see where we would improve more especially in terms of events management as well as time. But we have identified areas that needs improvement and we believe it will be as we have seen this week, if people take ownership of organising the events.”

Premier Habu reveals, his government has had discussions with the Minister of Culture and Tourism to support similar events in the future.

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