A Guadalcanal politician wants the National Government to re-think an Act allowing for major developments in West Guadalcanal, saying the Act should ensure indigenous landowners will receive maximum benefit from it.

The act, passed in 1995, ratifies an agreement between the Government, the Commissioner of Lands and Singapore company, Metropolis Pacific, to facilitate the development of the area known as Mamara, Tasivarongo and Mavo.

But Provincial Assembly Member for Tangarare Ward, Anthony Veke told SIBC News, the Act does not mention landowning tribes of the area, and this deprives landowners who are supposed to be benefiting from their resources.

“And I think this is why I think it is very important that that’s the first and the most important thing that the government needs to do. Either they repeal or amend the Act and make provisions for the landowning tribes to benefit from their resources and that’s where we’ll realise maximum benefits to resource owners.  If we don’t do this then we are just reaping off landowners their resources”, said the provincial member.

SIBC News understands over one thousand hectares of land are placed under the 1995 Mamara-Tasivarongo-Mavo Development Agreement Act.

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