Ramohia urges Govt to help Mala fight climate change


Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

Malaita province Premier, Mr Peter Ramohia has called on the national government to address climate change effects facing the province.

Speaking during the Malaita day celebration in Auki this morning, Hon Ramohia said the province was host to most of the country’s artificial Islands, and outlying islands- currently threatened by climate change.

He said food security and water shortage continue to have serious implications on vulnerable communities, and the government must shoulder its people’s plight.

Hon Ramohia added, the government should collaborate with the Malaita provincial government in addressing food security, water scarcity, and possible relocation programs for Climate Change victims.

“Malaita has many low lying areas that are prone to sea level rise, from the outer islands of Lord Howe, to the artificial islands of Walande and Fanalei near the mainland,” he said.

“Communities such as Walande have been overrun by sea level rise and some move been relocated to the mainland.”

He said these areas were also highly populated areas and future changes in climate will add more pressure to the province.

By: Lowen Sei


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