Special Secretary to Prime Minister Rence Sore. Photo credit:

Special Secretary to Prime Minister Rence Sore. Photo credit:

The Special Secretary to Prime Minister Rence Sore has written to the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) seeking approval as the Directorship of a company.

A statement received from the LCC today said SSPM Rence Sore wrote to the Commission recently seeking approval as a Directorship of the Solomon Islands Development Corporation Limited (SIDCL).

In a letter of response, LCC Chair Francis Luza said the Commission will convene a meeting Wednesday next week to consider his application.

Mr. Luza also requested Mr. Sore to file a submission with the LCC office by Tuesday next week, explaining why such financial or
management interest with SIDCL will not place him in a potential conflict of interest situation.

He quoted this request is in light of section 12 (1) of the Leadership Code (Further Provisions) Act, 1999 and will assist the Commission in determining the SSPM’s application.

Mr Sore’s Directorship of SIDCL came under heavy criticism recently from the Opposition Government when it was revealed it will partner with Skyline Investment Group Company to build 5,000 homes for public servants.

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