Mixed feed pellets. Photo credit:

Mixed feed pellets. Photo credit:

A series of piggery and village chicken feed formulation for livestock officers and farmers in Honiara is to be hosted at Aruligo, West Guadalcanal and Buma in Malaita Province.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock says this is part of the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) of Papua New Guinea’s efforts in implementing livestock activities in the country.

The NARI-EU ARD trainings are aimed at sharing knowledge and skills to improve feeding systems for smallholder pig and village chicken farmers across the country.

Project Sub-coordinator Jules Damutalau said a similar Honiara workshop started yesterday and concludes today at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Headquarters.

Meanwhile, the Aruligo workshop starts tomorrow and ends on Friday while the one at Buma, Malaita Province, will be hosted next week.

Meanwhile, the statement said the project is also helping the generation and adaptation of improved agricultural technologies to mitigate climate change imposed risks on food production within vulnerable smallholder farming communities in Western Pacific Island Countries.

It has been implemented across three Melanesian countries of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

In Solomon Islands, the project is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock through its ‘Department of Research Development’.

It involved generating new agricultural technologies both in crops and livestock to enhance productivity and resilience of smallholder farmers with three pilot communities at Buma in Malaita, Aruligo on Guadalcanal and Hunda Kena in the Western Province.

Technical Expertise from PNG NARI conducts the workshop; coordinated by the project country team.

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