Shadrack Timothy: Defying Limits and Succeeding in Table Tennis at first Pacific Games

Shadrack Timothy: Defying Limits and Succeeding in Table Tennis at first Pacific Games


By Lynton A. Filia

Shadrack Timothy, a remarkable para table tennis player from the Solomon Islands, stands as an inspiring example, defying physical constraints to excel in his sport.

Participating in the para men’s double and singles events at the 17th Pacific Games, he clinched gold in the team event and a bronze in single table tennis. Prior to this feat, he secured a silver medal, earning his spot in the 17th Pacific Games, and another silver at the 2019 Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia.

His achievement stands as a testament to breaking barriers for individuals with disabilities in the Solomon Islands, paving the way for increased participation in sports.

For Shadrack, the 17th Pacific Games in Honiara presented an opportunity to showcase his firm determination and love for table tennis. His journey led him to the semi-finals, securing gold and bronze medals along the way.

“Table tennis offers me physical fitness, mental acuity, and immense joy,” Shadrack shares with SIBC. “The fast-paced nature of the game demands quick thinking, creativity, and skill, which I find incredibly stimulating and rewarding.”

His journey in table tennis exemplifies flexibility and persistence, transforming his wheelchair from an obstacle to a stage spotlighting his remarkable abilities.

“Reaching the semi-finals at the 17th Pacific Games marked a significant milestone,” Shadrack reflects. “Entering the competition was a challenge, especially for those of us new to this level of play. However, our hard training and support for each other fostered our self-belief. The unity within the Solomon Islands para team was truly inspiring.”

Acknowledging tough opponents during the semi-finals, Shadrack emphasizes the collective strength that propelled the para team.

“We approached the games as a unified force,” he explains. “Our focus and mutual support were instrumental in our success.”

The unwavering support from family and friends played a pivotal role, boosting their morale and strength. “Their steadfast faith in us was motivating,” Shadrack acknowledges. “The experience gained at the 17th Pacific Games was invaluable, fueling our passion for table tennis.”

Looking ahead, Shadrack is committed to promoting table tennis among individuals with disabilities. “I’m eager to share my love for the sport with aspiring para athletes,” he expresses. “Our doors are open to anyone keen on training and discovering the joys of table tennis.”

“To individuals with disabilities interested in table tennis, join us, embrace the camaraderie, and strive for excellence together. As para athletes representing the Solomon Islands, we aim to inspire and demonstrate that determination and passion can overcome any obstacle.” –ENDS//

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