SI needs tightening foreign investment policy

Solomon Islands newly cemented bilateral relationship with the People’s Republic of China rekindles the need to tighten the country’s foreign investment policy.

Solomon Islands has many diplomatic friends however, not all respect our Sovereignty, observed a concerned Solomon Islander, Heddy Brian Wanea’alafa.

Mr. Wanea’alafa says from experience, a number of Chinese businesses have disrespected the country’s Reserved Business Policy.

“From Henderson to white River, Chinese has taken all reserved business areas for indigeniuos Solomon Islanders.
They are everywhere!

even long before establishment of ties with China, they have already taken up reserved business areas, from bettle njut selling to restaurants and
trade stores. this makes it inconducinve for local people to compete with them.”

He says, if these Chinese businesses defy our Foreign investment policy while there was no formal bilateral ties, the trend is only expected to get worse now.


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