SIEC approves additional nomination centres


Mose Saitala.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission has yesterday approved additional nomination centres to be established at provincial headquarters throughout the country.

The decision was reached following a meeting held by the Commission.

Chief Electoral Officer, Mose Saitala confirmed the declaration.

“The Commission have approved and declare the additional nomination centres to be at the provincial headquarter election offices at provincial government headquarters as well as nomination centre here in Honiara, which will be based out at the Solomon Islands Electoral Office here at Vavaya Ridge,”he said.

“These additional centres will purposely cater for those who are stranded at the moment in Honiara or those who are stranded also at the provincial headquarters to be able to file their nominations on time”.

Mr Saitala said the process from nowwas to identify all candidates to ensure they filed in their nominations at the additional centres.

“The process from now is my officers will be working closley with the Returning Officers and also our Election Managers to be able to identify candidates that are stranded,”he said.

“We kind of know at this stage political party candidates because political parties candidates already know who are contesting for them at different constituencies but then the only thing that we don;t know is the Independent candidates, but we try to cover for all of them by way of instituting these new measure that the Commission has just approved”.

SIBC News understands, Section 59 of the Electoral Act 2018 was invoked by the Electoral Commission to cater for the additional nomination centres.

By: Rickson Bau.

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