World War II carrier wreckage found


Remains of the USS Hornet. Photo: RV Petrel.


Researchers have discovered the wreckage of World War two aircraft carrier USS Hornet inside Solomon Island waters.

Allen’s Vulcan research organization set up by the late billionaire Paul Allen, has been in the country for the past months scanning the waters of the country, launching their initial search  from the famous Iron Bottom Sound near Honiara.

According to a statement released by Allen’s Vulcan organization this week, the wreckage was located in late January by the crew of the Research Vessel Petrel, resting 17,500 feet on the sea floor in the eastern part of the country.

Researchers used information from US national and naval archives to locate the ship’s resting place, as well as action reports from other vessels involved in the fateful Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands in 1942.

The USS Hornet was sunk during the  battle of  Santa Cruz Islands in Oct 1942, where 140 American sailors perished along with it.


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