SIEC logo. Photo credit: Youtube.

SIEC logo. Photo credit: Youtube.

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission, SIEC, is functioning effectively and has rejected claims that ‘the country does not have an Electoral Commission’.

Earlier this week, Mr. Alfred Sasako claimed that the timetable for the National Election is in doubt because there are ‘no Commissioners appointed’.

A claim the SIEC has rejected.

Chief Electoral Commissioner Polycarp Haununu says it is completely incorrect to say that there are no Commissioners.

He explains, Emily Teaitala’s term does not expire until 2015, long after the last possible date for the election adding, the Chairman’s term runs as long as he is Speaker of the Parliament.

The Commission meets regularly and has successfully overseen the roll-out of the first stage of the Biometric Voter Registration system.

Meanwhile, the Biometric system has successfully eliminated more than 100,000 false, fraudulent or incorrect registrations and is in the process of delivering Solomon Islands a clean list of voters for the upcoming election.

There is one vacant spot on the Commission and the Judicial and Legal Services Commission is currently considering that appointment, ahead of a recommendation being sent to the Governor General.

However, the Commission is able to continue with two out of three Commissioners.

The SIEC reminds all media personnel that they can call the SIEC Communications team at any time to clarify issues, as is the established practice.

Chief Electoral Commissioner Polycarp Haununu says the Commission is doing a great job with the new registration system and will continue to promote free, fair and credible elections for our country.

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