SIDT Office at China Town in Honiara. Photo credit: SIDT.

SIDT Office at China Town in Honiara. Photo credit: SIDT.

Theatre groups from Central Islands, Guadalcanal, Isabel and Makira Ulawa provinces who were engaged in providing election awareness prior to last year’s national elections are still awaiting their payments.

The groups were engaged by the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) to educate communities on elections prior to the national elections last year.

A spokesperson for the groups who wish for anonymity told SIBC News they expected a 25 percent payment two weeks after the national elections, but now that has taken almost a year.

“SIDT hasn’t met the 25 percent until now. We all ask the organisation when to pay up the 25 percent for all provincial theatre groups and advocacy teams.”

Meanwhile in his response, SIDT Director Longden Manedika explained they are yet to receive the funds.

“SIDT is committed to providing those 25 percent. However, with the arrangement of funding between SIDT and the European Union at times the 25 percent was written only on paper but SIDT is yet to receiving the funds.”

He said SIDT is committed to working with communities across the country.

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