The Solomon Islands Ports Authority in Honiara. Photo credit:

The Solomon Islands Ports Authority in Honiara. Photo credit:

A former MP and member of the Solomon Islands Ports Authority board Mr. Y. Sato has advised SIPA to implement its reforms not in bulk but bit-by-bit.

The businessman says while he supports the SIPA initiative, reform programs must not be rapid because the customers are the ones paying the ultimate price.

Mr. Sato says SIPA’s 240 percent ports tariff charges is an injustice to the very people it is supposed to serve.

He explains, SIPA’s number one function as a statutory organisation is to provide essential services to the people of Solomon Islands.

“I am not against reforms as they are necessary, but how to reform is very important so if SIPA sees it necessary to increase the Port charges reasonably, then I agree, but not rapidly nor drastically. If necessary, I hope they do it bit-by-bit and not at the 240 percent at once.”

Mr Sato cautions the National Government and SIPA board, it is not wrong for SIPA to make profit bit it must never forget the underlying purpose of its existence is to provide much needed services to the nation and its people.

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