Dollars. Photo credit: SIBC.

Dollars. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Islands Public Employees Union (SIPEU) has terminated three of its employees in relation to missing moneys.

A board member of SIPEU, Magistrate Jim Seuika confirmed one was an accountant who was terminated after the newly appointed board came in.

Magistrate Seuika says the other two were terminated recently.

He says their termination came after investigations were conducted and they were terminated for official misconduct.

Mr. Seuika says the Board will not take further criminal proceedings against them having been satisfied with the termination.

SIBC News understands, SIPEU’s newly appointed General Secretary Robert Au, plans to re-organise the organisation.

Meanwhile, a member of the employees union has raised concerns over its continuous delay to endorse his membership withdrawal.

Francis Raeta’alu, an employee of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs says he applied to withdraw his membership from the Credit Union in July.

He says the recent standard period for a withdrawal endorsement was 60 days, equivalent to two months.

However, Mr. Raeta’alu says it has been three months and the management is yet to respond.

“Now I withdrew since July and it’s now November and I still haven’t received any letter or any funds from SIPEU and I don’t know why, but I have quite an amount with the credit union at the moment and I want to start myself a small business at home, but I don’t know what’s taking it so long for them to give me my share.”

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