SnapFish shop engages people into fishing industry

SnapFish shop engages people into fishing industry


Involving people into the fishing industry is one of the sole purposes of establishing the locally owned SnapFish shop in Honiara.

Adapting the marketing concept of involving people into economic activities, youths, women and communities are now being engaged from all the provinces.

Today, the shop has its own suppliers from all the provinces. Fishermen or women bring their catch [to] and are paid for by suppliers. These suppliers will then stock up the shop in Honiara.

Operating Manager Devine Bugotu said the main purpose behind establishing the shop is to create opportunities for youths, women and communities who want to invest in the fisheries industry.

“We call our suppliers chapters, so we have chapters from each of the provinces, and we have like 10 chapters from each of the provinces”, Mr. Bugotu said.

He said last year was quite challenging for them in terms of weather conditions but they don’t give up, they keep going.

“Snap fish has its own operations in terms of supplier’s shortages due to bad weather, our own suppliers can also provide for snap fish during bad weathers”, he said.

The Operating Manager advised that the main important thing to bear in mind when operating a fishing business is on how to handle the operations and how to do selections.

He added that anyone can operate a similar business through commitment and dedication.

Meanwhile most of the employees of the shop are youths who are well trained on how to handle all aspects of the business.


By Mary Manelegua

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