White River youths unite for positive change

White River youths unite for positive change


A number of White River’s youths officially established a Working Committee for 2024, during a meeting held at Kelyn School, West Honiara on Wednesday.

Under the theme “Safe, Clean & Inspiring Community 2024”, the committee aims to organize community engagement activities to encourage solidarity, and foster positive change in White River.

The committee is composed of six sub-committees that focus on areas such as women, youth, children, clean up and beautification, sports and fundraising.

TMC Foundation’s Youth and Community Worker, Moses Aunama Jr. told SIBC News, he was pleased to see more youth involved in the program this year.

“We wanted to encourage youth leadership and for them to take on different roles, even though they are still yet to get employment, at least they have a space to learn.  

Mr Aunama added work under this program will equip young people involved with essential skills needed for their future endeavours.

“They can learn organizational skills, marketing skills, leadership and communication can be learned through such spaces,” he emphasized.

He explained, a number of activities are planned for this month and February, which include a clean-up campaign, awareness activities and data collection.

Meanwhile, elders and professionals from various career paths living in the community have also encouraged more youth participation in constructive activities.

Long-time resident at White River, Ronald Bei Talasasa, is one figure who is sometimes invited to make short presentations during youth meetings.  

Though his involvement has been minimal, he hopes to see more youths become ambassadors for change.

“My encouragement to the young people is to take up the role and responsibility of giving back to the community… You grow up in the community, bearing in mind that at a certain point in your life you will look back and feel proud,” Mr Talasasa emphasized.

He adds, building a community that is healthy, law-abiding, clean and safe would be the ultimate goal and legacy of young people today.  

SIBC News understands, TMC Foundation is responsible for coordinating the White River Working Committee’s plans and events for this year.  


By Andrea Ma’ahanua


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