Solomon Airlines Airbus A 302 at the Honiara International Airport. Photo credit: SIBC.

Solomon Airlines Airbus A 302 at the Honiara International Airport. Photo credit: SIBC.

The country’s only Airbus A320 has been grounded in Nadi, Fiji yesterday due to an electrical complication.

A statement from Solomon Airlines today advised that engineers in Nadi found the troublesome sensor for an electrical problem caused the aircraft to be grounded since yesterday.

It says the replacement part is being sourced from the United States with no timeline as to its delivery at this stage.

The Airlines said plans for recovery immediately will now appear as being impacted until the aircraft is totally fixed and operationally sound for all its flights.

General Manager of Commercial and Operations Gus Kraus said as a standard safety procedure the aircraft will remain in Nadi grounded until the faulty electrical sensor is replaced and certified by engineers as ready to go.

Meanwhile, the statement said based on the current situation Solomon Airlines wish to advise its valued clients their services from
Nadi-Honiara will be further delayed.

It says this will also affect its Vila and Honiara flights which have been deferred.

The Airlines said today’s flight to Brisbane has already been cancelled with a review later on Monday to gauge a suitable recovery
plan including sourcing of other airlines-aircraft to charter as replacement.

But the airline said on reviewing what is available on Sunday and Monday with other operators, there is nothing available at this stage and they are still trying.

With the impact this has on its customers, the Airlines apologized for the inconvenience caused but noted that ensuring safety of the aircraft and their passengers and crew is paramount.

The statement adds the first students’ charter to Fiji planned for today has now been cancelled.

But the Airlines said they hope the first charter will operate on 28th this week, leaving Honiara at 3.15pm for Fiji.

It encourages all clients to contact their offices in Nadi, Vanuatu and Honiara as well as Brisbane for further updates.

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