Solomon Islands Election Update: Voter Turnout Reaches 50%, Over 80% of Seats Declared

Solomon Islands Election Update: Voter Turnout Reaches 50%, Over 80% of Seats Declared

By Simon Tavake

The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) has reported a 50 percent voter turnout so far, with the ongoing counting in Honiara.

In response to SIBC’s request for updates on the voter turnout, Chief Electoral Officer and Commissioner Jasper Highwood Anisi stated that they would finalize the data once all counting is complete and results are announced.

He emphasized that the current data is based on results received from the counting centers.

“We do not have the total voter turnout because some results are yet to be announced. Once all results are in, we will have a clear picture of the voter turnout. We have noted that the progress is around 50 to 60 percent at the moment, depending on the availability of all figures we get from the counting venues.”

“I can assure you that once we receive all the figures, we will provide a more accurate percentage so that we can determine the turnout for this election,” CEO Anisi said.

The Electoral Commission is working tirelessly around the clock to ensure smooth operations and accurate counting.

During an election update this yesterday, the SIEC Chief Electoral Officer highlighted that over 80% of seats have been declared.

“We have observed that 81 percent of seats across our electorates have been declared. For Parliamentary, 68% of seats have been declared, Provincial Assembly 86% and 82% for the Honiara City Council.”

CEO Anisi said that what is also important is that results will be announced once receive and verified.

“Again, I emphasize that the Count Is Not a Race,”

“However as you see, there is now a surge of results and the great majority of seats have been declared for parliament, provincial assemblies and the Honiara City Council,” he said.

SIBC News understands, more election results have been declared by returning officers as of this morning.


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