Solomon Islands first female Powerlifter aims for Gold on home turf

Solomon Islands first female Powerlifter aims for Gold on home turf


With just four days remaining before the official opening ceremony of the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara, the first female Powerlifter from Solomon Islands, Vicky Maomaiasi is confident and hopes to snatch gold in her second appearance, in the 17th edition of the Pacific Games powerlifting competition.

Vicky Maomaiasi, a representative from the powerlifting categories, hails from Malaita province in the Solomon Islands. She is eagerly looking forward to stepping up on her home turf at the Pacific Games alongside her nine female powerlifters.

This marks Ms. Maomaiasi’s second appearance at the Pacific Games. Her first experience was in Papua New Guinea when she initially joined the Solomon Islands team to compete at the 2015 Pacific Games in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, from 4 – 18 July, 2015.

 “I was the first woman in the Solomon Islands to join powerlifting,” she proudly expressed. “Today, it’s an honor for me to come back stronger to represent my home soil.”

Reflecting on her first voyage to PNG, she recounted, “There were four of us, three boys and I, who competed in PNG.

“During my first appearance, I was not well-prepared due to the newness of the sport and the limited facilities.” However, she emphasized that the facilities are much more helpful and she feels confident and fully prepared for this year’s competition.

Maomaiasi recalled her recent appearance in PNG, competing in 72 categories against lifters from PNG, Nauru, and other Pacific countries. “Today, I am 100 percent sure and confident to compete in this year’s competition.”

Her journey into powerlifting began as a result of an injury that led her to switch from weightlifting. She explained, “The switch was motivated by my injury, making powerlifting a more viable option.”

Despite facing negative comments, Maomaiasi is resolute in giving her best in the competition.

She is enthusiastic about competing at the upcoming 17th Pacific Games hosted in the Solomon Islands.

“During my first appearance in 2015, alongside three boys, I represented the Solomon Islands. Despite the lack of adequate preparation, this time, with the Games on our home soil, we are gearing up to showcase our readiness in powerlifting.”

With her family’s support and encouragement, particularly from her brothers who serve as her coaches, Vicky is geared up to make a difference in the upcoming competition. “My family’s support and discipline have been crucial in my journey,” she acknowledged.

Despite facing negative comments, Vicky is resolute in giving her best in the competition. She urges supporters to rally behind the powerlifting team and maintain a positive outlook for a successful outcome.

Maomaiasi’s journey in powerlifting has been shaped by determination, family support, and overcoming challenges.

As she prepares for her second  appearance at the Pacific Games, she is poised to make her mark and inspire others with her commitment and passion for the sport. –ENDS//

By Alfred Eva Pagepitu

Photo: George Ho’atamauri Junior

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