Solomon Islands has its first internationally accredited female dive instructor

Zaza Bedford.

The Solomon Islands has its first internationally accredited female dive instructor.

Zaza Bedford, 19, from Munda Western Province and New Zealand, is a dive guide for Dive Munda in Western Province.

She made history over the weekend when she received her certificate from Scuba Schools International.

The certificate recognises her internationally as a qualified dive instructor.

Speaking to SIBC from Munda, Ms Bedford said her achievement was for all women in the country, a testament that women can do things equally as men.

“Our operations manager at Dive Munda believed that I could do it,” she said.

Zaza Bedford with Dive Munda’s operations manager Belinda Botha, after she completed her training.

“She wanted me to create history and show other women that they can do anything.

“It motivated me a lot and made me believe in myself.”

Ms Bedford worked with Scuba School International Training Director Claire Nederlf and New Zealand Scuba School International Training Manager Sam Jupez to complete her training in Munda.

She attributed her success to commitment, hard work and a lot of support.

Ms Bedford encouraged other young people to do the same.

“I would like to encourage other young people, youths today to continue striving towards their goals. Ignore negative words and focus on encouragement from friends and families.”

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