Cron integration in Solomon Islands. Photo: Courtesy of SPC.

Cron integration in Solomon Islands. Photo: Courtesy of SPC.

Solomon Islands needs a land use policy, says the Land Use Planning Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Jimmy Walton.

Speaking to SIBC News Mr Walton says the Government did not legislate a national Land Use Policy, adding, his team had initiated work on a national land use planning policy for Solomon Islands last year.

“An we have done a series of consultations, we did two national workshops in Honiara, and we went to the provinces and we did one consultation and workshop per province and we collected the data that forms the basis of putting together a Land Use Policy. So while the Land Use Policy process now is on, hopefully it will be adopted by the government.”

Mr Walton adds, it is important for Solomon Islands to have a policy on land use planning to ensure the government commits to it.

“It will commit the government to wise budgeting, invest in spreading land use and making sure that our people happily use the land. If the government doesn’t invest on the land or commit itself to developing it, then people will struggle as today. With a Land Use Policy that involves government, our people’s need of addressing land development will also be brought to government’s attention, which will support land use in the country.”

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