Solomon Islands Signs Police Cooperation with China to improve the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force

The signing of the Police Cooperation Plan between Solomon Islands and China is premised on Solomon Islands Government’s policy to strengthen Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. The Implementation Plan is to upskill, build and enhance the capability and capacity of the 1500 RSIPF officers to look after our 700,000 population, the government explained in a statement.  

It said, the Police Programme between Solomon Islands Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Service and the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China compliments Australian and New Zealand Police Programme in Solomon Islands.

Police Cooperation Signing

 Solomon Islands National Security Strategy guides our action in broadening our security partnership. The Ministerial Programme compliments existing Police Programme RSIPF has with AFP and New Zealand Police Programme respectively.  Diversifying RSIPF training and broadening our partnership is driven by our national Police needs and interests.   No one has a monopoly of knowledge. Solomon Islands cooperation with China and all partners are based on the principles of equality and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and non-interference in the internal affairs of each other. No country has the right to interfere in Solomon Islands internal affairs.

This Implementation Plan merely sets out how the Police Cooperation is going to be implemented, and it sets out the scope of areas of assistance. These areas include extensive training on policing skills and provision of police equipment such as vehicles, UAV, and conduct training on the usage of these equipment. This assistance has already happened with the provision of vehicles and training of our police, and we expect to continue on with this partnership. 

Police Cooperation signing

The statement adds, the Plan also provides for the assistance on establishing a Forensic Autopsy Lab which has been completed already, assistance on capacity building in cyber security, assistance for RSIPF to improve policing work at community level, and conduct traffic police training to improve traffic control system and boost RSIPF’s capacity on traffic management.

Solomon Islands Government fails to see how the improvement of RSIPF traffic control and management system in Honiara, provision of police equipment or the completion of the Forensic Autopsy Lab is a threat to the Pacific region peace and security. 

The 2006 Riots exposed gaps in RSIPF, these gaps were confirmed by the November Riots in 2021. The Implementation Plan is a response to plugging some of these gaps.

“We have suffered enough because of these security gaps. We only want what is best for our country and people, which is a professional, effective and robust RSIPF that provides a peaceful, safe and secure society, and instills confidence in our people, businesses and investors,” the statement explained. 

“Respect our sovereignty and right to make our own decisions.”


Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat 

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