Solomon Islands supports DPCW


Caretaker Minister of Culture and Tourism, Hon. Bartholomew Parapolo with the Certificate of Appointment for
Peace Advisory Council after the signing ceremony. Photo: SIBC.

Solomon Islands has officially confirmed its support towards the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, DPCW, document in an effort to promote world peace.

Signing on the country’s behalf is caretaker Minister of Culture and Tourism, Bartholomew Parapolo, who along with other Pacific Islands leaders, pledged their support by signing the document.

DPCW is a working document that contains ten articles and thirty-eight clauses mainly aimed at abolishing war and promoting world peace. The document is on its way to the United Nations with the aim of becoming a global law of peace.

This is an initiative led by South Korean based international non-government organisation known as Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light, HWPL, founded in 2013.

HWPL was founded by South Korean war veteran, Mr. Man Hee Lee, who decided to become an international advocator for World peace after experiencing the effects of war in his country for many years.

 Now the Chair of HWPL, Mr. Lee has since embarked on touring the world with the message that peace is a fundamental aspect of life and foundation to the world becoming one and that all wars should be abolished.

Caretaker Minister of Culture and Tourism, Bartholomew Parapolo (second from left) posing with other Pacific Island leaders who have also been appointed to HWPL’s Advisory Council. Center in white is
Chair of HWPL, Mr Man Hee Lee. Photo: SIBC.

Last Tuesday’s signing was conducted at the State Parliament of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia as part of this year’s 30th World Peace Tour to Sydney.

 The two-day tour involved three conferences and a Pacific Leaders Summit for Peace event at which support was gathered towards the DPCW working document.

 Meanwhile, the signing also confirmed the official appointment of Solomon Islands as a member of HWPL’s Peace Advisory Council. Hon. Bartholomew Parapolo received the certificate of appointment after the signing event.

HWPL’s Advisory Council consists of distinguished world leaders who provide advisory opinion and analysis on its initiatives in their respective fields of profession.

People can learn more about HWPL and its work by visiting its website on

This year’s 30th World Peace Tour held in Sydney, Australia, ended on Tuesday.

By: Rickson Jordan Bau in Sydney, Australia  


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