Solomon Water, dedicated to delivering safe and reliable water supply and sewerage services, provides a comprehensive update on the ongoing Sewer Works – Fisheries to Ranadi Roundabout project.

This initiative is a pivotal step in enhancing sanitation services, fostering improved wastewater management, and expanding sewerage coverage for Solomon Water customers and the larger Honiara community.

The current phase of the project, overseen by Project Manager Brian Fatai, involves the construction of new sewer pipes and manholes. This involves sheet piling, trenching, pipe laying, and the installation of concrete manhole structures.

The project is part of Solomon Water’s overall Sewer Eastern networks to construct a new sewerage network from Kukum to the Ranadi industrial area.

However, the project has encountered challenges, particularly in sheet piling and excavation progress, influenced by variable ground conditions. While some sections facilitated good progress, others with harder ground and substantial coronus material impeded productivity.

Solomon Water contractors progressing sewerage pipes laying works at the project site along the main road near Randi roundabout.

The ongoing challenges with sheet piling and hard ground have resulted in contractor unable to achieve target productivities on pile driving and excavation works, thereby impacting progress of pipe laying works.

Additionally, heavy rainfall at the project site earlier this year resulted in flooding, overwhelming dewatering efforts and halting productive work. To address these challenges, the contractor has mobilized additional resources onsite to have two crews working simultaneously at different fronts to progress the works.

Solomon Water has also actively engaged with the relevant government ministry to secure approval for a second section of road closure, aiming to minimize disruptions to traffic flows.

Project Manager Brian Fatai stressed the importance of overcoming these challenges, stating, “The team is dedicated to overcoming obstacles to ensure the project is completed on time, delivering effective sewerage services to the community. We are optimistic that our discussions with Government counterparts will lead to positive outcomes for both the project and the larger Honiara community.”

Solomon Water’s target for sewerage services in Honiara is to increase sewerage coverage to thirty percent of residential properties by 2047. Solomon Water CEO Carmine Piantedosi emphasizes the significance of the Sewer Works project in achieving improved sanitation services. “With the support of the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (UWSSSP), the initiative will expand the wastewater network, enhance sanitation, and connect new sewer customers. A key aspect of this project is the construction of a new sewerage network in the Ranadi industrial area and we are making great strides towards our long-term objectives”, CEO Piantedosi said.

The Sewer Works – Fisheries to Ranadi Roundabout project, funded by the Solomon Islands Government, is a key part of the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (UWSSSP). Solomon Water remains committed to transparency and will continue to update the public on the project’s progress.


– Solomon Water Media Release

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