Solomons soccer squad looks ahead to Vanuatu mini games


Felipe Vega Arango.

Preparations are underway for the Solomon Islands national football team to select a squad for the upcoming Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu this year.

Solomon Islands national football coach, Felipe Vega-Arango told SIBC there was no final list of players because most of the players had club commitments, and the final selection would be done next month.

Mr Vega-Arango said squad training would begin early next month, and the selection would be done after the TSL league concluded.

He said there was very little time for the team to prepare, and some key players would miss the mini games due to injury and club duties.

Mr Vega-Arango added despite these setbacks, he was confident Solomon Islands would be a team to beat at the mini games.

“Most likely in two weeks we are going to start training once a week,” he said. “And at the end of November hopefully we have one week of mini-camp. We will go into trianing after the TSL (local competition) finishes.”

The 2017 Pacific Mini Games will be held in Port Vila, Vanuatu from the 14th of December.

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