South Vella constituents celebrate grand opening & handing over of new Kolokolo clinic


The newly opened Kolokolo rural health clinic.

Constituents of South Vella La Vella has celebrated the grand opening and handing over of their newest and largest community-based rural health clinic with a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday (26th April 2023).

The establishment of the newly handed over clinic is a replacement of the old clinic building which was established since 1963.

Fully funded by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) under the honest leadership of Member of Parliament (MP) Honorable Fredrick Kologeto, the new clinic facility houses two wards (male and female wards) with four beds, two each in each ward for sick patients, a pharmacy, clinical sinks and lavatories.

Work on the project commenced in the fourth quarter of 2021 however, progress was delayed due to Covid-19 impact which resulted in the slow mobilization of materials to the project site.

Located on South Vella La Vella Constituency (SVC) at Kolokolo community, the clinic officially opened today to serve Kolokolo community, its surrounding communities and the whole constituency.

“Western Provincial Government’s is pleased with how MP Kologeto invested SVC CDF allocation into community developments and what transpired today is the manifestation of true partnership with relevant stakeholders, resource/land owners and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) which is the only donor that provided support to the CDF program of the government,” Guest of honor, Premier of Western Province Billy Veo said.

He acknowledged Hon. Kologeto for investing CDF into basic service delivery at the provincial level, ward and more so in SVC.

Premier Veo also thanked PRC government for its continuous support to the CDF program and its contribution toward the development aspirations and programs of Solomon Islands.

(L-R) Christina Gorae,Training Officer, Gizo Hospital, Hon. Minister Fredrick Kologeto, Premier Billy Veo, PRC Ambassador Li Ming, MPA Kadiba Alu and Dr Dickson Boara.

He then calls on all Members of Parliament representing Western Province to invest in their respective constituencies and wards.

“We can work together both at national and provincial level to develop our province and have a positive impact on our people’s livelihood. I am also equally certain that this brand-new rural health facility will be of great importance and benefit to the whole of Vella La Vella. This will save people money and time and also travelling in bad weather if they have to come to Gizo,” Premier Veo added.

He then called on people of South Vella La Vella to look after the important health infrastructure to make sure it serves its purpose and that is to serve our health and medical needs.

“It is our collective responsibility to maintain their usefulness and ensure they continue to serve their purpose in the years ahead.

“…again thank you MP Kologeto for this very important constituency’s investment in the health sector and also the contributions by the government of the PRC towards this very important project and facility,” Hon. Premier Veo said.

Director Provincial Health Services, Western Province Dr Dickson Boara also thanked MP Kologeto for his commitment and investment into this very important health facility.

Dr Boara also thanked everyone who contributed to the new clinic. “This is a beautiful facility as it provides a convenience space and good environment for our patients and nurses.”

“The first wealth is health,” MP Kologeto said as he delivered his brief remarks.

He said he is pleased to invest in the health sector since good health is the foundation to build healthy life, healthy community and a strong economy.

MP Kologeto said as the elected leader for SVC he will continue to render the necessary support toward development projects in his constituency to benefit everyone.

He then acknowledged individuals, contractors, landowners, PRC and other key stakeholders who contributed toward the development of the project.

Guest of honour, Premier of Western Province Hon. Billy Veo, PRC Ambassador to Solomon Islands Li Ming along with MP Kologeto, government officials from the Ministry of Rural Development, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Health Western Province Authority, Members of the Western Provincial Assembly, church leaders, chiefs, community leaders and constituents of SVC witnessed the historic handing over program.

Part of the crowd (constituents) who attended the program.

Close to thousand of people attended the handing over program.

It ended with entertainment and feasting.

SVC has invested most of its CDF allocation into major essential infrastructure projects. An investment that will not only benefit a handful of constituents but everyone in the constituency.

Some of the projects that the constituency is also funding through CDF and are also earmarked for official handovers this year are; construction of two clinics which are Elioteve clinic & Kolokolo clinic; Copra buying and storage Centre; a fisheries Centre; coconut crushing mill facility; Police Post; wholesale/cooperative society Centre; Piggery project, construction of two new police staff houses and a kava processing facility.

These developments are part of the government’s continuous commitment under the leadership of MP Kologeto to decentralize services and bring them closer to its rural people.

Constituents of SVC smile away as they celebrate the opening of their brand-new clinic..jpg

MP for SVC is Fredrick Kolokego who is also the current Minister for the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour & Immigration.

CDF is a programme of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and is implemented by the 50 constituencies in the country through the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) purposely to improve the social and economic livelihoods of all Solomon Islanders.

Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is the only donor partner providing CDF support to the Solomon Islands Government since 2019 – 2022.

MRD’s vision is to ensure all rural Solomon Islanders become meaningfully participated in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihood.



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