‘Stay out of scholarships’ Rodie warns leaders

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Franco Rodie. Photo credit. OPMC.

The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development Dr Franco Rodie has called on leaders not to interfere in the scholarship system and let the Ministry do its job.

Dr Rodie made the call during the Public Accounts Committee hearing into the 2016 Appropriation Bill.

He said the number of scholarships awarded each year was based on the country’s training needs which were often budged for.

But the number often increased due to the influence from leaders. Leaders in the Solomon islands are often accused of giving their family members, or people who vote for them, preferential treatment in the scholarship system, even if they are did not achieve the academic results required.

“If you want us to do a better job, in which we can also sustain the financial resources that we have, then leave the job to us,” he said.

“If you don’t have faith in us then get rid of us.”

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary warns leaders and decision makers to stay out from the system to the country’s financial resources is sustained.

PS Rodie said,the current delay of allowances for government sponsored students was an effect of leaders influencing the scholarship system.

By: Fredrick Kusu

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