Tau students stage colorful ‘The Pacific Way’ concert


Students of Tau School in Northeast Guadalcanal get a taste of the cultures of other Pacific island countries during the ‘The Pacific Way’ Concert program which the school successfully held recently.

Tau primary kids portraying PNG traditional costume and culture. Photo: Brenden Mautoa

Held on Wednesday 13 October 2021, the program started with a parade with the students dressing in traditional costumes and national dressing of countries they represent and paraded around the school show area and assembled in front of the stage. 

A statement to SIBC News said the program was held in association with the school Parent-Teacher Association’s Fundraising Drive for funds to build a Learning Center and to complete the high school’s classroom building for Year 9 next year, 2021.

It saw students from Preparatory Classes to Year 8 showcased the way of life in some of the Pacific island countries.  The program proceeded with presentations from each class.  

“The countries represented were Cook Islands, Kiribati, Tonga, Fiji, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Australia, PNG, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands.  There were a lot of interesting facts about the countries that were shared during the show,”  the statement from organisers said.

Traditional dances were the highlights of the show.  

Students and teachers went to great lengths in getting and making materials and to practice for this program.  

The program gave students the opportunity to learn more about the way of life and the cultures of other countries.

“The Concert show was of great entertainment and learning for the guests, parents, guardians, families of students, friends and the people of the surrounding villages who came to the show.

Some of the special guests who came to the program include the MP for Northeast Guadalcanal Constituency, Ethel Vokia, and MPA Guadalcanal Province, Madam Rose Tala.

In response to the letters and invitations that were sent out, a pallet of cement was received in the morning before the program started, donated by Northeast Guadalcanal Constituency office.

“Burnscreek School teachers and students were also invited and presented during the program two songs.   Thank you Burnscreek School for your donation and for your presence at the concert.”

The Parent Contributions and other donations received during the program totaled around $30,000.00.  

Organisers thanked parents and those who had made donations to support the school during the program.  The school will still accept donations from those who may want to help support Tau School.

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