‘Famili blo Hana’ heating up the airwaves


Thelma Nieng from the Library department getting into her character Claire.

It’s always a busy normal working day for the staff at the national broadcaster.

But when Julian Maka’a,  producer for the new drama ‘Famili blo Hana’ comes calling for people to voice his characters, it’s belly-laughs for everyone.

Thelma Nieng from the library department who plays Claire,  recalled the first time she was asked to voice the character.

“It was silly at first, very silly, “she laughed. “But after the first and second episode, I really got into the character. Now when i read the character’s part from the script, i feel her. If she is angry, of course I sound angry too.”

Almost all the characters in the drama are played by SIBC staff.

‘Famili blo Hana’ is a 15 minute program set in the rural area. It centers around a man called Hana and his family, portraying life as it is in the village.

Mr Maka’a creates and produces the program every week.

It comes on the national broadcaster every Saturday night at 8pm. It is repeated at 7:45 am on Sunday, 7:40pm Tuesday and 8:15am on Wednesday.

The drama is going on its eight episode on the airwaves this week.  You can listen to previous episodes on the SIBC Podcasts on the website.

Below are more pictures of some of the cast in action.


Lowen Sei from the News and Current Affairs department is Hana’s son, Tafi


Lanita Afu and Nancy Metuo from the administration department.
Lanita plays Hana’s daughter Janet and Nancy plays Hana’s wife Mary.


Richard Rayboy from the Technical department plays Nurse Peter


Nancy Metuo and Salei Rukasi from the Library department. Mrs Rukasi plays Judith.

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