PAP current President Sir Nathaniel Waena. Photo credit: SIBC.

PAP current President Sir Nathaniel Waena. Photo credit: SIBC.

For an individual to hold the country at ransom is a very serious matter, says former Governor-General Sir Nathaniel Waena.

Senior citizen, Sir Waena made the comments in light of revelations that Chief Executive Officer of Solomon Airlines, Ron Sumsum has decided to ground all our Airline flights today.

The local dailies reported that the Airlines CEO decided to halt all airlines operations due to what he described as financial hiccups facing the airlines and fatigue by its staff.

But speaking to SIBC News, Mr. Waena says this is serious.

“For somebody or an individual and especially a foreign individual came and hold this nation at ransom, is a very serious matter. I as an individual Solomon Islander I see this as he is playing around with us. What he’s saying was his failure as Chief Executive Officer of the Airlines to raise those concerns in a timely fashion with the appropriate authorities.”

Meanwhile, the former Governor-General says the country is beginning to sink into very bad behaviours of individuals who were supposed to serve the nation.

“Now I am seeing that our country begins to sink into very bad behaviours by recruited individuals who come here and serve us in different important roles, where as a nation and people we seem to be helpless or hopeless, but I don’t think we are helpless and hopeless. I think we have a nation to protect its sovereignty and the affairs of our people.”

Meanwhile, 52 members of the Solomon Islands delegation to the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts in Guam have stranded in Papua New Guinea on their return.

This comes as a direct impact of the current grounding of all Solomon Airline services.

The delegation is now taken care of by the Solomon Islands High Commission office in Papua New Guinea.

The media officer for Solomon Islands delegation to the festival Mr. George Hemming reports.

“Fifty-two of us plus some passengers who were supposed to travel to Honiara today are all in Port Moresby and our High Commission office in Moresby is currently taking care of us and they are now trying to arrange accommodation as well as liaise with our government on what actions to take.”

SIBC News understands, 120 delegates have returned home last weekend.

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