TSI logo. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

TSI logo. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) is questioning the government’s proposed payment of more than $13.8 million to Zome Enterprises Ltd.

TSI says documents have been sighted showing two separate payments were paid into the account of Zome Enterprises last month.

A total of $4.875 million was paid on 8th of July 2015 and another payment of $1.5 million was paid on the 14th of July.

TSI also noted that an outstanding payment of $7.5 million is yet to be processed.

Meanwhile, TSI  Executive Officer, Edward Ronia adds, while he understands the payment for Zome Motel is for Ministry of Health Staff, the real issue is the politicising of the process leading up to the purchase of Zome Motel.

Mr. Ronia also questions whether a proper tender procedure was followed.

In 2012, an agreement was reached between the Ministry of Health andZome Enterprise management for the transaction of Zome Motel.

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