New clause in Anti-corruption bill angers TSI

Chair of Transparency Solomon Islands Mrs. Ruth Liloqula. Photo:Courtesy of Solomon Times.

Transparency Solomon Islands has raised concerns about a new clause in the Anti-Corruption Bill 2017 that exempts conduct that occurred before commencement of the Act.

Section 6 of the anti-corruption bill was a newly inserted clause that applied to the ‘Application of the Act’.

The section stated the Act does not apply in relation to conduct that occurred before the act commenced.

This means that cases of corruption that were committed before the act is passed, are off the hook.

It refered to part 4 of the bill, which deals with investigating and prosecuting corruption.

Chief Executive Officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Ruth Liloqula said Members of Parliament had failed the people of this country by inserting the new clause.

Ms Liloqula said it was discouraging to see that citizens relying on their elected leaders to do the right thing, but the MPs were trying to pass worthless pieces of legislation.


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