Former Secretary to the Prime Minister during the Sikua-led Government, now a private law practitioner, has said the government should not use tax payers’ money to address the Julian Moti saga, because Moti’s claims are ‘weak’.

John Keniapisia was reacting to reports the government resorted to an out-of-court settlement with former Attorney General, Julian Moti.

But Mr Keniapisia described Mr. Moti’s claims as “weak and illegitimate”, adding that the government should not rush into pursuing an out-of-court settlement for such weak claims.

“Tax payers’ money should not be used to settle a case that is very weak. I think there are other legitimate and strong claims that the government should concentrate on settling, example the FOPA claim, Mr. Robert Satu’s dolphin loss claims and offcourse a whole lot of other claims from indigenous, valid and legitimate claims of Solomon Islanders pilling up before government. Why the rush on this particular case that has no strong basis, which has failed through the court system.”

Meanwhile, former Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena has said Julian Moti’s appointment as Attorney General to Solomon Islands in 2007 is legal and that the country owed him his legal entitlements.

SIBC News understands former Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has also echoed similar sentiments earlier in the week.

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