Teacher calls on Tovosia to apologise


An outburst by MP for east Guadalcanal Constituency and Minister for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Bradley Tovosia in Parliament yesterday has stirred unease amongst certain factions of the society. A teacher has called on the minister to “withdraw his statement” and apologise to the people of Malaita Province.

Mines Minister and east Guadalcanal MP, Bradley Tovosia

Deputy Principal of Ngalikekero in the northern region of Malaita province, David Leliana said some of the languages used by the MP and minister are “discriminatory” and prejudicial to national unity.

“I am uneasy at the moment, his words are a slap on the face of Malaitans, especially those that reside in Guadalcanal. I also keep students from Guadalcanal who reside here, they are not comfortable about what they heard coming out from the Guadalcanal MP.

“Right now, the students are in a state of fear. I would like to call on Tovosia to withdraw his statement and apologize to the people of Malaita Province,” Mr Leliana told SIBC News when he called in from Malaita this morning.

Mr Tovosia was contributing to the Second Reading of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2022 when he vented his anger on the floor of Parliament.

He was calling for “people to respect Honiara.” His comments came out of the previous riot, looting and burning down of Honiara when he somewhat turned into fury and used tone of words that has stirred this uneasy situation – footage of the MP’s outbursts is circulated and widely debated on Facebook.
“This island Guadalcanal!… Honiara is in Guadalcanal, it is not a place for you people to show your frustration. Go back to your place!.. Who do you think you are?
“Mr Speaker Sir, I raise this because I don’t want that type of attitude. I would like to tell the people of Solomon Islands, please respect Honiara, that’s my call, don’t use Honiara as a place for you to score your political merits by burning Chinatown, burning down banks, Police Stations. No!,” he shouted on the floor of Parliament.

However, the Guadalcanal Provincial Government and its people disassociates itself from remarks made by Mr Tovosia yesterday.

In a statement today, the Office of the Premier of Guadalcanal Province, says the comments does not reflect the views of Guadalcanal Province and its peace-loving people and residents, some of whom have long standing and historical connection to Malaita Province and other provinces in our country.

It adds, the Guadalcanal Provincial Government and its people and residents believe in national unity and any remarks that attempts to wedge differences between Guadalcanal Province and its people with our brothers and sisters from other provinces must be resisted and condemned in the strongest terms possible.

“As the provincial leader of Guadalcanal Province, I have called on my fellow colleague and premier of Malaita Province to inform him of the strongest bond our two provinces enjoy over the years.

“I believe Premier Suidani shares my view that Solomon Islands can achieve sustainable development when our two provinces, working together with our brothers and sisters from other provinces, put our collective efforts together as one nation under the Constitution of our country.

“I will also call my fellow premiers from other provinces in due course,” the statement adds.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Government calls on all peace-loving people of Solomon Islands to stand united and uphold the Constitution as the foundation of our nation.

“God bless Solomon Islands from shore to shore.”

By Jared Koli

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