The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

A total of 253 uncertified teachers have graduated with certificates at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) in Honiara today.

The teachers will now be able to legally perform their duties at their respective schools they are posted.

SINU’s Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Basil Marasinghe told SIBC’s “Distaem Nao” program today, SINU has conducted a course called ‘Certificate for Primary Teachers’ for two provinces in the country.

“What we have done is we have conducted a course called Certificate for Primary Teachers and that is for two provinces, Guadalcanal Province and also Malaita Province, so we have 253 teachers who are graduating, that is today, at 9 O’clock in Panatina Pavilion and certificates are delivered by our Pro Chancellor, the Chairman of the University Council in the presence of the Premier of the province and Ministers.”

Meanwhile, the SINU Pro Vice Chancellor says these teachers will now work as fully fledged school teachers.

“Up till now, they were in the school already, but they had to teach under the supervision of another qualified teacher, but now onwards they can get the registration by the Ministry of Education and they can practice as fully fledged school teachers.

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