Teachers must take vaccination immediately: MEHRD


Teachers are urged to get their COVID-19 vaccination immediately, if they have not taken any of their two doses or if they have taken their first doze to get their second doze of the vaccine.

This is a key requirement for opening of schools to begin the 2022 academic year.

James Bosamata – Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the MEHRD Communication Committee

Mr. James Bosamata – Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the MEHRD Communication Committee had reiterated several times in the past radio programs, that teachers must take their vaccination as soon as possible. We therefore ask teachers who may have not heard the call to get their vaccinations.

Teachers who have taken their vaccination or not are also expected to inform their respective Education Authorities.

In a weekly radio program on Wednesday 6th April, Mr. Bosamata advised EAs to update their data on teachers’ vaccination and to submit copies to MEHRD Teaching Service Office.

Be informed that No Jab, No Job or No Teaching applies to all teachers which means if you are not going to be vaccinated – that would mean you will self-terminate yourself.

MEHRD is also urging parents and guardians of students aged 12 to 18 and above to be vaccinated so that they can attend classes when schools open.

“Parents are encouraged to support their children aged 12 and above to access vaccination sites. Parents must also inform school administrations and school leaders and submit vaccine cards to schools.”

We would also like to advise teachers who need exemptions from getting their vaccinations due to underlying health issues must communicate with Provincial Health Authorities through their respective Education Authorities.

-MEHRD Press

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